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Yamamoto Yusuke's ESCAPE

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Arrived this morning.

Neo Actor 15 & KOI.MEN 11 both have Miura Ryosuke in them.
Switch has Mizushima Hiro,
whom I think I will not see much of from now on.

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Neo Actor 13
Release: 2011/3/2
Price: ¥1780
Finally, all of D-2 on the cover of a magazine!!
With a glimpse of Jinnai Sho!!

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Watanabe Shu's Junon Boy DVD
Neo Actor 10
Arrived just now.
The package can elude the eyes of authority.
I don't have to pay any taxes for the DVD!!!
That's rare!!!

The DVD was released back in 2009/2/5
Two years has passed!!
Since when Shu has just won the second in the 21st Junon Boy Contest.
He hasn't even done the teeth job. But he's adorable just the same.
The part in which he's a clueless cook is so cute.
Too bad, I have no ability whatsoever to rip a dvd.
So I'll be waiting for a certain someone to share it.

Neo Actor 10 was released back in 2010/6/1
I passed when it first came out.
Since I can't find new pictures of Nakamura Yuichi anywhere recently,
I resorted to go back in time.
8 Pages of Nakamura's pictures are worth it.
Plus D-Boys' Now Loading on stage and Jinnai Syo!!!
It's so hard to find any pictures of Jinnai.
The entire magazine has already been shared at some Chinese site.

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Neo Actor 8
Release: 2009-12-1
Price: ¥1780

Kamen Rider W
Kiriyama Renn & Suda Masaki
~~Now is the time for this cute pair.~~

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Update and finish Neo Actor 7

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1 Magazine, 1 DVD and 2 photobooks.

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Neo Actor 7
Release: 2009-8-31
Price: ¥1780

How can I not have it?
So I pre-ordered it
and 2 photobooks are held back to wait for this magazine release.


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Best Actor 6  &  Neo Actor 6
Best Actor 6-Yamamoto Yusuke  NeoActor-6-SetoKouji
Release:  2009-5-20    &    2009-5-27
Price:¥1365  &    ¥1780

Best Actor : Yamamoto Yusuke shows off his porcelain complexion here.
The aura boy from Hana Kimi is hilarious in Ata Dan.

Neo Actor : I've been waiting to see the cover and now here it is!!

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Neo Actor 5

Release: 2009-2-19
Price: ¥1780

I miss Nakamura Yuichi so much.
~~Hope he doesn't look as bloated as he looks lately.~~

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Best Actor & Neo Actor
vol 4
Best Actor4  NeoActor4
Release: 2008-11-14 & 2008-11-21
Price: ¥1365 & ¥1780

Sato Takeru is still going so strong!!

**Good news**
Sato Takeru will have his second photobook out on 2009-1-11
It's supposed to be his last one as a teen because he'll be 20 on 2009-3-21

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Best Actor vol 3 & Neo Actor vol 3
Release: 2008-8-18 & 2008-8-30
Price: 1365¥ and 1780¥
~~  Kiva and Go-On Green sooo cute!!!~~

The Fangaia can suck the life out of you, while Kiva can suck the money.

Kiva: Lunatic Archives, Kiva: Fang 01 & Kiva Concerto
Release all: 2008-8-9
Price: 1980¥, 2300¥  and 2200¥

~~Kiva Concerto~~What?!!? 
I still haven't scanned the Kiva Official Photobook and now this!!!~~

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Neo Actor vol. 2

Men in suit look delicious!!
~~I just want to turn into a cannibal so I can devour Araki.~~

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Today I received...

Ono Kento is very cute!!!
He has this little smile on his face all the time. Very pleasant to see.


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